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Jennifer Gebhart

Jennifer began her passion for music early in life by singing in school and church choirs. She received her bachelor’s in performance and technology from the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs (UCCS), focusing on voice, while also studying piano and composition. She studied voice under Gayle Grace and Haleh Abghari and has trained in Classical, Jazz, and Musical Theatre.

She has performed in operas Dido and Aeneas, and The Mikado, as well as musicals such as Hairspray, The Sound of Music, and Annie Get Your Gun. She has also performed in several choirs throughout the US, singing a wide range of pieces from Classical to Folk. While studying at UCCS, she grew a love for electronic and minimalist music. Her favorite Western musical period is the Romantic and she emphasized on German composers in her vocal work.

She has a strong foundation in Italian, German, and Latin lyrics while having also sung English, Spanish, French, and Japanese. The broad range of her experience has led her to appreciate all musical styles and traditions and she believes that everyone has a voice and identity that can be expressed through music.

Dylan Osgood

Dylan is currently a music performance and technology major at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. His guitar studies began with Jon Gillin and is currently studying under international touring guitarist Colin McAllister. Dylan has performed and studied a wide variety of styles. His love for metal, blues, rock and classical informs both his playing and teaching styles. Dylan’s education and experience also includes bass, audio recording, composition and theory, and music production.

Since attending UCCS, Dylan has already participated in some of the university’s prestigious ensembles, including the UCCS Jazz Ensemble, and Electro-Acoustic Ensemble. He also regularly accompanies for student recitals at UCCS. Locally, Dylan has performed performed at Motif Jazz Café, Chapmen Recital Hall, Dusty Loo Bon Vivant Theater, Zodiac Venue/Bar, and Funky Little Theater.

Dylan has performed in the UCCS production of Peer Gynt.

Dylan brings his experience as a student, live performer, and composer to his teaching style to encourage his students to be the best they can be.

Sarah Groh Correa

Sarah Groh Correa is the director of Groh Music. She sings professionally with the Colorado Vocal Arts Ensemble and leads the Sarah Groh Quartet, a jazz group in Colorado Springs. Sarah has been on tour with choirs to Japan, India, England and Italy. She helps singers set easily achievable goals while building self-confidence and allowing for self discovery. Her work with adults, teens and elementary age singers incorporates music learning, fun, stress relief, self-discovery, vocal technique and goal setting.

Sarah has a career background in solo performance, choir and group singing, music ministry, and dance. She holds degrees in Voice Performance from the University of Kansas and Arizona State University. She enjoys a very active lifestyle of running, hiking, dancing and travel with her husband Scott Correa, who is an avid rock climber, COS native, and a case worker at Rocky Mountain Human Services, Homes for all Vets.

Levi Vreeman

Levi Vreeman has played drums since he was in middle school, first discovering his proclivity for the instrument through the tribal sounds of the Senegalese djembe. From there, his passion has led him to experiment with a wide range of percussion, from hand percussion and drum set to marching snare drum in WGi World Championships. Levi is currently working on a dual degree at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, and is recording and playing shows with his band VaTiC.

With the tagline, “jazz by day, death metal by night,” Levi is comfortable with any style on drum set, with some favorites being rock/metal, jazz, and funk. Philosophically, Levi believes music is about love; the love of playing, the love of listening, and the love of understanding. For him, the drums are the heartbeat of the band, where all feeling and emotion begin and end. Levi hopes to share that with his own playing and teaching, to the audience, students, fellow musicians, and really just anybody that will listen.

Judith Piazza

With 40 plus years of exploration in the realms of sound, music, rhythm, and voice, including a B.A. in Music Therapy, Judith continues to explore the indigenous and soulful edges of vibration as sound medicine.

She presently offers Devotional and Community Song, Frame Drum and Rhythm Workshops, Healing Sound Workshops / Journeys, Performances that weave her talents and skill on drums around the world, vocals, native flutes, didjeridu, guitar, and dulsitar ™.  In addition, Judith works with youth and adults in Rites of Passage Threshold Retreats, is an initiated Council Trainer and Guide in The Ojai Foundation model (a circle practice that encourages authentic listening and speaking from our hearts), is a Universal Life Church Minister, and continues to explore Nature as Teacher, developing a Medicine Wheel of our Elemental Sound Nature.


Jon Gillin

Jon is a graduate from the University of Colorado with BA in Music and Technology, and has recently returned from Ireland after completing a Masters in Music. Jon has been teaching guitar for over ten years. He has studied a wide variety of music, including contemporary and modern classical guitar, jazz, rock, instrumental metal, each genre has a distinct influence on his own personal style.

He has studied and played with some of the best teachers in Colorado and Nashville, including session guitarist John Pell, Alan Joseph, and Dave Devine. His classical guitar teachers include local teacher Dale Miller, Jeff LaQuatra (UCD), and international touring and recording artist Colin McAllister (UCCS). Jon played in a variety of ensembles at UCCS including the honors Jazz and honors Electro-Acoustic ensembles. His performances with numerous guest composers has led him to a deeper appreciation for vast array of genres and has equipped him for working in the ever changing world of music.

Knowledge of recording programs, such as Logic and Pro Tools, and compositional tools such as Max/MSP allow Jon to bring music production to the forefront of his teaching and performing.

In 2016 Jon founded Silversound Guitar with fellow UCCS graduate Mark Young. After making music together throughout college Jon and Mark  wanted to be able to offer the same experiences that changed their lives to the community where the grew up. Silversound guitar aims to give a community vibe that is welcoming and offers the students a safe and relaxed place to learn music on their timetable.

Ben Jones

Ben Jones graduated from the University of Colorado were he studied music. Ben’s diverse education has included studying jazz, classical, flamenco, and contemporary guitar with Colin McAllister, Joseph Allen, Janet Feder, and Mary Hoshijo. He has attended master classes with world renown guitarist such as Roberto Limon, Pablo Gomez, The Grammy award winning LA Guitar Quartet, and Harlem Quartet.

Ben currently teaches music at Silversound Guitar studio in Colorado Springs were his broad education and passion for music equips him to be able to tailor each lesson to his students. His knowledge of various recording and production techniques also helps to keep him on the cutting edge of music education, recording, and performance.

During his time at UCCS Ben has performed in the Jazz Ensemble, Chamber Ensemble, Electro Acoustic Ensemble, and Honors Ensemble. He has premiered works by composers Lewis Keller, Jane Rigler, and the theater company Manual Cinema. He has also played serval performances in the local Peak Frequency Music Festival as well as the UCCS presents production of Peer Gynt and the Fine Arts production of Shakespeare in Love.

Katy Van Nortwick

Katy has been formally studying music for over 15 years. At a very young age, she began taking private voice lessons. Throughout high school and college, Katy continued studying vocal music. She also expanded her studies to piano and music theory. Katy has been a part of various school and university choirs where she competed and won international choral competitions all over the U.S.

Katy earned music scholarship for voice at Oklahoma State University. There that she studied vocal music with world renown composer and conductor Dr. Z. Randall Stroope. During her time at OSU, Katy also learned from National Endowment for the Arts American Choral Master and composer Morten Lauridsen. After her studies at OSU, Katy moved to Colorado.

She began her time in Colorado Springs working in public schools. After which she moved into behavioral therapy. It was there she found a passion for helping students become their best selves. Katy’s background in music and education, and her passion for contemporary music of all genres has shaped her into a teacher that has all the tools and desire to help you become the musician you want to be.

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