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Lynn Boutté

Lynn Boutté has enjoyed, photographed and lived in Colorado for over 45 years. He has been a professional photographer and studio owner for 30 years. Over that time, he has specialized in portrait photography but also has done business in commercial, wedding, business and fine art photography. Presently he holds on location workshops in many of the beautiful areas in Colorado, soon to be expanded around the world. Working with Lynn and his hands on approach in small groups imbeds the lessons into your memory. Your artistic and creative vision is encouraged to be captured in the camera the way you see it. Lessons can be customized in small groups to fit your level of expertise from learning the camera, to enhancing in Photoshop. His  goal now is to teach others what he has  learned in the past 45 years. Welcome, If you’re looking to learn Photography from a beginning level or advance your photographic skills, I can help with these workshops. You’ll learn to take your camera off automatic and capture on manual mode to get what you want instead of what your camera thinks you want! The class sizes are designed to be small so I can spend personalized time in order to give you the best experience and learn the most.  The Camera Capture workshop is designed to give you knowledge to get the best image you can in the camera. The Photoshop workshop is to take your image to the next level with software that will enhance the image the way you visualize it.
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