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About the Artist Facilitator

Kelly Hill is a 15-year veteran with a thirst for photography. Kelly was born in Indiana, grew up in a military family where her father recorded family events, particularly holidays and birthdays, either through the lens of a 35mm or 16mm film camera. At the young age of 7, she owned a 1960 Kodak Brownie Star-flash camera, keeping the camp counselors searching for her when sneaking away from camp to photograph trees, flowers and wild animals.

In high school, she was a yearbook/newspaper photographer. Begged the photography teacher to allow her to take classes as a sophomore, even though juniors and seniors were the only ones who could take any kind of photography classes. Mr. Lambert, took her under his wing, and taught her everything about photography. When her school counselor asked her what she wanted to be after graduation, she replied a “National Geographic’s photographer”. Kelly was quickly crushed after learning that all photographers who take pictures for National Geographic are freelance independent business owners, not employees of National Geographic.

She found out that she could enlist and become a photographer in the army. October 1982, Kelly enlisted in the army as an 83E. However, the job was not quite what she thought she had signed up for! Instead, she learned photolithographic using copy camera, stripping, plate making, film processing skills to make maps for off-set printing, as opposed to using a 35mm camera and an enlarger in a darkroom setting.

Kelly used her photography knowledge along with her layout skills to become a graphic designer. She has worked in both the commercial printing and publishing platforms. In these career positions, she learned to use Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator to expand her skills. She graduated from the Art Institute of Colorado in 2017, earning a degree in digital photography.

Today Kelly just learns new ways to enjoy photography. She loves sharing the knowledge she has gain through the years and can teach from concept, to finished project. Her styles are endless, as she learns that art is about self expression and joy. She presents this through the lens of her camera by creating images with photography. Her camera is merely an extension of her mind.

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Photography is not just about the act of taking a snapshot. Sometimes it is about creating the picture. Just as painters know how to use different tools to create their masterpiece, photographers also need to know how to use their tools to create their images. To do this you must know how to use your camera. Understand the camera’s functions and how to set ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you will instinctively visualize your photograph in your mind and know what settings to use before you even snap the picture.

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Photography is not just about the act of taking a snapshot
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