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821 N Sheridan Ave, Colrado Springs, CO 80909, USStudio Address

About the Artist Facilitator

I started working in ceramics during high school in 1965 and continued over the next several years completing a Master in Fine Art in Ceramics and Sculpture. I taught secondary education in Saint Louis, Missouri and Colorado Springs, Colorado. Later, I taught at Colorado College and the Bemis Fine Art Center.

Over the years, I have received numerous awards, participated in many shows, and have work displayed in collections across the United States, Canada, France and Spain. I was a production potter creating functional ware intended for everyday usage, as well as sculptural work designed to be decorative. I continue today, producing both high fire stoneware and high fire salt work. The majority of this work is more sculptural than functional, and often incorporated into steel & high fire salt sculptures that are between 4’ – 8’ high. Additionally, over the last 6 years, I have become involved with producing larger scale public art steel sculptures that are between 8’ – 16’ high. My work is displayed in southwestern galleries including the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center at Colorado College, as well as larger scale public art seen in communities across Colorado, Texas, Wyoming, California, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, New Mexico and South Dakota.


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About this Experience

This in-person, single session Experience is intended to give anyone interested in beginning to work in ceramics an introduction to wheel throwing, hand building, and an opportunity to glaze and have your work fired. We will work at my home ceramic studio on a 1 to 1 basis for about a 1 ½ hour block of time. You will have the experience to learn how to throw on the wheel, produce coil or slab constructed pots, functional ware, decorative sculptural forms or combinations of any of these methods. Completed work and remaining clay may be stored at the studio. The class instruction will also include an initial 25 pounds of clay, initial bisque and glaze firings. Due to COVID-19, mask wearing will be required, but should not be an interference for your enjoyment, learning or production.

All Ages

Credit Cost: 3
Sandy Friedman's Ceramics Studio
Located at:
821 N. Sheridan Avenue, Colorado Springs
To be agreed upon
To be agreed upon
Let the Clay Speak-101
Experience Level 1 Beginner
Experience Level 2 Intermediate
Individual Individual
Group/ Public Group - Open to Community
Group/ Private Group - Military/Veteran Only
All Ages All Ages
Youth Youth
Adult Adult
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As of 10/5/2023, the grant funding has ended for Military Arts Connection’s free arts experiences for the military community. Please continue to the site if you’d like to explore additional resources for future opportunities for connection, creativity, healing, and more.