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Welcome, and thanks for your interest in the MAC program! Military Arts Connection (MAC) is a local resource that provides free artistic and creative Experiences for military community members living in the Pikes Peak region (El Paso or Teller counties). The program is available to active duty service members from all branches, veterans of all generations, and any dependents of local military families. Overview of the MAC program.

The MAC program is specifically designed for referrals to come through local Military & Veteran Service Organizations that have completed a special training. Unfortunately, individuals may not sign-up directly for a MAC Experience. Instead, if you’re interested in having an Experience through the MAC program, you’ll need to work through one of our participating Military & Veteran Services Organizations to ask about a possible referral. As our trusted partners in this program, it’s up to each Service Organization to determine who they think will benefit from a free MAC Experience.

If you are offered the opportunity to be a Participant in the MAC program, you’ll work with your Service Organization representative to select and order an Experience that’s right for you, and fits well with your interests. To place the order, your Service Organization will need to share your first & last name, phone number and email address with the MAC website.

Once your order has been placed, you’ll receive an automated email notification confirming your upcoming MAC Experience. Be sure to save this email, as you will need it later. The Artist Facilitator who will be providing your Experience will then have 48 hours to contact you directly by phone or email to coordinate all of the logistics and details for your upcoming Experience. Please respond to your Artist Facilitator as quickly as possible. If you have to cancel your Experience for any reason, please let your Artist Facilitator know!

Unless otherwise instructed, please do not bring any unexpected guests with you to the Experience. If you’d like to have a friend or family member join you as a participant in the Experience, then you’ll need to ask your referring Service Organization (in advance) to make an additional referral for that friend or family member to have the same Experience. Again, it’s up to each Service Organization to determine who they think will benefit from a MAC Experience.

After your Experience is over, you’ll be asked to complete a brief online evaluation survey. Your feedback will help us to maintain the quality of our Experiences, and to continually improve the overall operation of the MAC program. The link for your unique Post-Experience Evaluation Survey will be found at the bottom of your original order notification email. If you don’t complete the survey shortly after your Experience is over, the MAC system will automatically send you several email reminders. We would really appreciate your feedback and suggestions!

If you and your referring Service Organization think it would be a good idea to try another MAC Experience, you’re welcome to do so–just repeat the ordering process described above! If you have any questions, please email

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Military Arts Connection is currently paused and is not accepting new orders at this time. All existing orders will be concluded.