Fort Carson Warrior Recovery Center 719-526-4465 Wounded Warrior Project (904) 528-6798 Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center 719-772-7000 Angels of America’s Fallen (719) 377-8264 El Paso County Veterans Services 719-520-7750 Institute for Veterans and Military Families: Onward to Opportunity 719-244-6634 Operation Homefront 719-368-3898 Pikes Peak Community College Department of Military & Veterans Programs 719-502-4100 Operation TBI Freedom (855) 355-6824 UCCS Veteran Health and Trauma Clinic 719-255-8072


The mission of Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 is to develop generations of world class learners capable of being successful members of society by providing a positive, empowering, and safe environment where academic excellence is the desired result for all students. The vision of Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 is to prepare students, pre-kindergarten to post-secondary, with the most advanced math, science, technology and life-skills taught by the highest quality staff. FFC8 will reward excellence, promote staff retention, support professional development, provide safe environments and involve our community.

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